October 7, 2008

Hi hello and welcome to the third edition of Monday musings,

The long awaited mountain arrived today promptly at 7:50 am. Ziek Davidson, a graduate of 2003, gave an assembly upcoming elections and the importance of voting and weaved into his hand raising activities the mountain day announcement. He asked, ” How many of you would like to be able to have today off from school?” Almost everyone raised their hand. We voted about ideas important to us. His assembly was working, what we didn’t know was that the next proposition was if today would be a great day for mountain day. Hooping and hollering erupted as those who knew what mountain day is became instantly excited. Mr. Baker followed up with the necessary safety announcements, bring water, layers, and food.
Around 9 o’clock everyone loaded on the buses and we were on our way to Tumbledown Mt. in Weld, Maine.
Upon arrival the school climbed the mountain, ate lunch at the top, and returned down to the buses. The top of the mountain is a unique one because at the summit there is a pond. A few brave souls swam amongst the hail falling from the skies while the rest enjoyed the views of surrounding peaks and Webb lake.
This was my best and sadly last mountain day as a Gould Academy student,
Talk to you all again in a week,
Tom Duggan


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