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April 25, 2009

Hey Gloggers,
Today has been an amazing day at the Academy. It was the first morning of polar bears which is this crazy thing that happens every spring at Gould. When the ice melts on Songo Pond, there is an announcement made at assembly asking all of the students to wake up at 6:00am on Friday morning and get on a big bus to Songo pond to jump in the water. (Twice!) It is a full dunk, and you’re hair must get wet! Once polar bears start, we go every Tuesday and Friday, and if you miss one morning, you are out for the rest of the spring. So, the first day always has the most people, and we take two busses. By the end of the season, there is only a small bus left and the polar bears have dwindled down. We will see how many come on Tuesday, and stay updated for pictures! We start going to new locations next week and most of the sights are beyond beautiful at sunrise.

The tennis team is shaping up quite nicely. We have been having a lot of fun at practice lately training overhead drills along with playing a lot of tie breakers so we can practice playing points. Today was the nicest day of the spring so far and I am fairly positive the whole team wanted to play for another few hours. Students were outside and smiling wherever you looked and the quote of the day seemed to be something along the lines of “well this reminds me of what I really love about Gould!” Getting to be outside and playing pick up games with our friends is something the students really cherish here.

Senior Girls tea is going to be hosted at the Headmasters home this Sunday. SAGE is putting it on and it is an old tradition that Gould used to have. Many alumni and faculty have been invited and the girls are really excited to dress up for the event.

Look forward to many pictures next week!



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