April 29, 2008

Nothing beats a birthday at the Academy! Today was my 17th birthday and I celebrated it with all of my friends. Even though it was a gross, rainy, gray day, everyone made it a very special! Not only was today special because it was my birthday, but on an ALMOST as important note, it was Gould’s Earth Day. Today, we had no classes but instead had a series of workshops to attend all based on ways we can help and appreciate our planet. Many of the workshops were presentations that were put together by members of the Gould Community. The Environmental Science students all taught their own workshops, and we also had some guests. Nelle Reid’s stepdad came to teach us all about his company that puts up wind turbines all around the country. We had several other guest speakers, and the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Lunch today was also very delicious and special. It was a “low carbon” lunch, so most everything that we ate that day was locally grown and manufactured in order to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation of the food. We ate bison burgers, locally made French Fries plus lots of other good stuff.

In honor of earth day, part of our tennis practice today was dedicated to greening up campus. While some of us played on the indoor courts, the rest of us suited up in our rain coats and rain boots and braved the elements to go out and pick up all of the garbage we could find around the field house and the new courts. In our search, we only came across a few hangers and some pieces of plastic, but reports from other team’s findings seem pretty crazy! I guess you never really know what your going to find hidden out there! Hopefully all this rain will go away for tomorrow as we are taking on Oxford Hills High School. They are traveling here for a match tomorrow. It is a JV match which is very cool that we were able to schedule one. This way, everyone, including those who haven’t played many matches yet so far will be able to dive into the competition and hopefully taste their share of victory! Wish us luck for tomorrow!

Until next week!


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