April 24, 2008

Spring is actually here!!!! The huge, overhead snowbanks have officially melted all away and the green grass is starting to break through the ground. Flowers are starting to pop up everywhere you walk. Each morning, a few more purple buds are greeting us at assembly! The most exciting part about spring, for me at least, is being able to hang out outside! Every free minute, you can always find someone basking in the sun or relaxing out in the notorious Adirondack Chairs. The lucky few come in each day with a nice golden brown tan, while the rest of us feel like lobsters! Another great part about the arrival of spring is our ability to finally play tennis outside! Practices have been going very well and the team is really coming together. We have played 4 matches so far and we are undefeated!! Its very exciting that we have such a strong line up this year. I think that we may have a really strong chance to win MAISAD’s this year! Our match today against Hebron went very well. It was our second meeting and everybody won all of their matches. It was a really hot, extremely sunny day and everyone did an incredible job at holding their own and staying tough through the long points. I have a lot of confidence for our upcoming matches and can’t wait for more!

Until next week!
-Kiley H.


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