March 26, 2008

And we’re back! After a lengthy, relaxing, 3 week break everyone is back at the Academy. It almost seems as though we never left as we dive right back into classes, sports and fancy dinners. Driving back onto campus and seeing everyone unpack their cars and suitcases was a sight. It was so great to see all of my friends who I have been apart from and hear all about their spring break adventures, and of course, admire the many tan bodies that roam around! However, not all is peachy coming back from break. The most dreaded schedule change happens, he transition from 60 minute classes back to the original 90 minute classes. Not that all of my classes aren’t so incredibly interesting mind you….but that extra 30 minutes seems like a lifetime!!

I had a pleasant surprise today, though, when Mr. Alford announced that my Honors Spanish 4 class would be going up to the mountain today to help teach a group of Mexican students how to ski! This was a big shock, and i was really nervous once I found out how limited their English skills were. I literally panicked. But, once we got there, and started chatting and making small talk, it was lot easier than I had expected. The words just kind of kept flowing. The hardest part is when they initiated the conversation. They speak so fast! I had to ask them to slow down a few times, but I was getting most of it!

Finally, to top the day off, was the first dress up dinner back from vacation. The typical mass of people around the bulletin board trying to see who their new table is, the new dresses. It seemed that some people wanted spring to come early with all of the flip flops and spring colors I saw. I won’t lie to you though, I am praying for the snow to go away STAT! I want to play outside on the new tennis courts as soon as possible!

So, lets all just hope for warm sun and maybe even a little help from the rain to make the snow go away!
Until next week!


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