March 18, 2008

Hello GLOG readers. Here we are in the middle of spring break. For Pete and me (not on-snow coaches- some of whom are working as much as ever) it’s a nice vacation.

We’re back from a dogsled adventure up near Greenville, ME. The conditions up there were pretty great for dogsledding– trails were fast and firm which makes things FUN! Thanks to John Wight who made it possible for us to leave Gould’s farm for a few days.

Since coming back I’ve had my cast removed (yay!), Pete’s been working at our property in West Bethel, and Reiley has been shoveling everything he can find. We’re taking care of a farm down the road for friends who are in Florida (Tim and JoAnn) and coming to town to do Gould’s farm chores. It’s an animal-care vacation for us.

I’ve heard we’re expecting to welcome 2 new boarding freshmen girls after break! We’re making space in Gehring for them.

Well, there isn’t much Gould campus news right now. The snow banks are getting a little smaller (slowly). We’ll be tapping our maple trees soon and making maple syrup- a sure sign of spring.

Until next week,



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