February 21, 2008

So this is it. This is my last Glog entry before I head out into the woods and become a winter camping expert! Its down to the final count. We head out into the woods in 4 days. We are all outfitted, packed and prepared to be brought out into the wilderness for 8 whole days. I am getting quite excited, but I am also so anxious to learn who my group leader and group is! We aren’t told until the morning of! I am getting a little nervous. I want to know who I am going to be snuggling with to stay warm!

On the academic side of things, school has been very, very busy. The trimester ends on Friday and many of the teachers are trying to cram as much in as they can before we all leave on our four point trips and vacations. Projects, papers and presentations…they are everywhere! Its a small price to pay though for the month of vacation time that we are about to have!

I hope all of you have a terrific vacation. I know I plan to!
-Kiley H.


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