February 13, 2008

March break is approaching rapidly…but one thing to happen before we go home…FOUR POINT! Yesterday was the outfitting session for the Junior Four Point Program. Never in my life have I laid out and put on so many layers! Polypro long johns, fleece pants, jackets, mittens shirts…everything. Then comes the down jackets, wind pants, rain pants, hiking packs, sleeping bags and mats. The amount of gear and clothing is unreal. Now, while many people are on the fence about the whole four point thing, I have to admit that I am getting so excited. I love camping. Now, I may change my views on camping after I experience the woods in Maine in the dead of winter, but I’m going in with an open mind and I really think that its going to be a lot of fun!

Today was also another exciting day as the Girls Basketball team took on Hill Dale in the playoffs. It was an exiting game to go watch…so exciting that formal dinner was canceled so that we could all go down and show our Husky Fandom! Unfortunately, our girls came out with a loss, but they played a great game and had a wonderful season! Now, until springtime rolls around and third trimester sports begin, Fandom will be at a rest for a little bit as the winter winds down.

Even though the winter academic season may be coming to an end, the winter season seems to be just picking up! In the past few weeks, the snow has been falling constantly. We have gotten several HUGE winter storms and the snowbanks are immense! Tonight, the weathermen are predicting yet another storm that could give us up to an entire foot more of snow! This means great things for the skiers and snowboarders, but to be honest, I am wishing the snow would just stop! Not that i don’t love the winter, but I love tennis more, and I am ready for it to be springtime…I am ready to break in those brand new courts!

So, I hope the snow stops, but for all you who love it…Enjoy!
Until next week.


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