January 24, 2008

It’s only Wednesday for a little bit longer, so here go my Wednesday Whims Fast Edition–

This past week has flown by! The weekend was particularly exciting for me because I played in my first USTA Tournament in Nashua, NH. I arrived nearly 3 hours before my actual match was scheduled to start, so I had plenty of time to rack up all of the nerves and worries I could find! I’ve played many a tennis match, but never a tournament like this! I’m not usually one to get nervous, but ohhhh was I! As I stepped out onto the court, I opened my bag and as I reached for my racquet, I both see and feel the jitters running up and down my body. I warmed up with my opponent, and then I ended up losing the spin and was to receive first. The match was a good match and a fun one to play. My opponent was very good, and she came out on top. But, I plan to play many more tournaments and hopefully I will be racking up some points.

Monday was a special day here at the Academy. It was MLK Jr. Day and we had a day full of workshops. The seniors, other presenters and other special guests gave presentations on various topics dealing with the wonderful workings of Dr. King. Tuesday started the class week again, and today I had my very first college counseling meeting! It is so scary how fast everything is approaching! Today its my initial meeting, a few weeks I will be in the woods, and before I know it, its going to be the graduation of 08, a day that I dread! Of course I will be thrilled for all of my friends who have made it through high school, but i don’t want them to leave! Some of my best friends are making their way off to college to start a whole new part of their lives. I’m going to miss them all so much! But, there’s still time to make many more lasting memories with them!

Until next week!


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