January 16, 2008

A week has gone by, and finally it has started to both feel and look like winter again here at the Academy. The temperatures have dropped down from the 60’s back into the usual 20’s and 30’s. Snow is falling yet again, and hopefully it will continue to fall for a few more months. Schoolwork is starting to pile right back up again as we enter our second week back from school. Two big tests are what I have to look forward to tomorrow! However, soon enough we will have a little break from school, because next Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. So, even though we don’t have our typical academic classes on Monday, we will attend different workshops and presentations to learn all about the workings of Dr. King and other similar topics.

Not only is there a special day coming up, today at assembly, two very interesting and important competitions were announced to the school community. The first deals with Gould’s lack of logo! Our school mascot is the husky, but we don’t have a custom logo! So there is a competition being held, open to students, teachers and other faculty members to draw what will become the Gould Husky. The winner of the competition will not only get the pride of knowing that they created Gould’s emblem, but also an 8G iPod Nano. The other competition is to create a 3o second promotional video about life at Gould. The video will be posted on YouTube and linked to many of the Gould sites, and the winner of this competition will receive an 80G iPod! So, all of you get going on your drawings and videos, and just maybe you can be the winner of a brand new iPod!

Moving on to a completely different note…sports! The basketball teams have been doing quite well lately. Both the boys and the girls varsity teams have been working very hard and have been playing very fun, entertaining games. Just recently, the girls won their game against Hebron by only 1 point in overtime! The boys have also been playing quite well and all home games are quite the even to be at! Now, not that watching basketball isn’t thrilling for me to watch, but more exciting for me is the fact that tennis has started….somewhat. The girls team has started weekly practices on Sundays and I have been hitting with some other friends from the both the boys and girls team. I can’t wait until the season starts and it is already clear that there is some new talent that will add a lot to the team.

Until next week, let’s hope winter is here to stay…at least for a little while longer!
-Kiley H.


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