January 15, 2008

Winter has returned! After about a week of unseasonably warm weather we again have the white stuff falling from the sky. I actually enjoyed the few days of relative warmth, but that can be a dangerous thing to admit around here! Winter is supposed to be cold and snowy! Warmth is OK, as long as it doesn’t threaten the snow pack (so it can warm up to 32 F, but not above! But for me, a week of not breaking ice out of buckets and foregoing long underwear was all right. Glad it’s snowing again though. This is a view or Ordway Hall on Monday.

Speaking of snow packs, I saw 2 weasels this week, bounding across the frozen crust. I bet they weren’t very happy to be stuck on top. Most of their winter is spent under the snow in the subnivean space- but a tough crust makes it harder to get back and forth.

We had a couple informal gatherings in the dorm recently. One was a birthday gathering for Anne S. Anne’s mom arranged to have a bunch of pizzas and a few giant chocolate chip cookies delivered to the dorm! We hired an entertainer to serenade the birthday girl. Perhaps you recognize him as Glogger Marty D. That boy can tickle the ivories- and sing too! Look out Broadway, here comes Marty! And a couple of his “adoring fans.”

In other news, we here in Bethel seem to think we’re in Boston. Our teams are the Sox, the Celtics, and the Patriots! Saturday night’s game was another win for the Patriots! While students gathered in Holden to watch the game, Pete found a good spot on our couch. Did you know that Mr. Hedden played college ball? The many faces of Mr. Hedden…
This is what it looks like when he tries to watch football with Reiley. It starts OK, but Reiley soon looks for different entertainment.


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