December 19, 2007

It seems like just yesterday that we returned to school after being on Thanksgiving break, but low and behold, about 3 weeks have passed, and tomorrow its time to go home for a long, relaxing, Christmas vacation! This past week has been full of tests, papers, and dancing! Class-wise, the week was a bit brutal, at least for me, from memorizing poems, to math tests, history tests and more. But, it was all worth it when Saturday classes ended, and it was officially, and finally time for Snowball! The fun started Saturday afternoon when Veronica, myself, and many others went to Ordway Hall to help roll sushi for the reception in Holden. We made rolls that had salmon, crab, tuna, and we learned how to make many delicious types of sushi. We sneaked in a few bites before they were served, just to make sure they were edible, and were they ever! By the time 4 o’clock rolled around, we were all almost fully dressed and ready to go, but we had nearly 2 hours to kill before the reception started. So, we passed the time taking endless pictures! Finally, it was time for the reception, then came dinner, which was an incredible meal of salmon and prime rib, and then came Snowball! Some of the outfits were beautiful, while others could be described as nothing other than hilarious! Thacher Stone and Marty Donovan came dressed as Santa Claus, and his helper, Buddy the Elf. It was truly a sight to see.

One of the wonders of Snowball is the effect that the room has on you when you walk in. The lights are dimmed, 100 fresh cut trees wrapped in tinsel and strung with lights line the room, snowflakes are suspended from the ceiling, and everything is made spectacular by the gleam of the disco ball. It is really an incredible transformation from a ordinary gym to a winter wonderland, and I never really knew what it took to create such an event until my friend Chelsea and I popped into they gym by chance one night before the ball. There was Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Alford perched with one foot on the ladder, the other on the windowsills, one hand grasping the window cages while the other ties on wire on which the snowflakes will hang. The two are figuring out the patterns of the wire so that the flakes will hang just right. Then, the focusing of the lights on the disco ball so that it shines perfectly creating the dancing pattern all over the walls and floor. The amount of effort and planning that goes into it is incredible, and well worth it. Snowball was so much fun! It was a bittersweet event too, because as the senior picture was being taken, it was just another reminder that soon, many of my friends will be graduating and going off to college! It’s a crazy thought!

Finally, tomorrow we all go home to enjoy a long, Christmas break. So…until next week!


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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    In response to everyone who noted the effort to make Snowball such a spectacular event, please note that this was MC’s 10th year putting together this event. If you see him, congratulate him on a job well done!

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