December 12, 2007

This past week has been so exciting. The snow has continued to fall and winter is coming at the right time this year! This past weekend was the big-sister little-sister trip to Boston. It was so much fun. The trip starts out as being reserved for the junior girls and their freshman little sisters as a time to bond and shop, but then it opens up to the rest of the school. We left bright and early on Saturday morning and drove down to the city. The conversation and events that happen on the bus rides are almost as memorable as the actual city experience! We rented a coach bus for the trip, so we arrived in style. We watched several movies, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding to Harry Potter, and a classic, Grease. It was so fun! We were dropped off at Faneuil Hall in Boston at around 11:30 and had the entire day to ourselves to wander, eat, shop and have a blast. Once I got to Boston, I met up with one of my best friends, Erin, and we shopped all day at Faneuil Hall, Newbury Street and some other places she showed me! It was a perfect day!

A certain buzz is in the air around campus this week, as this weekend is the SnowBall! As you walk around, there are fresh cut trees lying around waiting to be put up in Bingham Gym, as it transforms from a regular gym, to the elegant, Winter Wonderland that is SnowBall! During study hall and free time, if you peek outside your room in Gehring, you are sure to see girls running around the halls in their snowball dresses trying to put the finishing touches on their outfits…the perfect earrings, those special shoes, the right wrap! Its so exciting to see what everyone else is wearing. Dressing up is so fun! Now, for SnowBall, you can expect to see the girls dressed up in their fanciest and funnest dresses, but it’s always interesting to see what some of the boys show up in! Some tend to go all out and show up in crazy, outlandish suits! So, naturally, everyone is eager for Saturday night to come!

The winter sports season is in full blow as both the boys and girls basketball teams have officially begun their season, and ski races have commenced. The girls and boys had their first home games this past week, and so begins the cheering. You are almost guaranteed to see much of the community down at the evening basketball games cheering on the Huskies! Heres hoping that everyone has a good season!

Until next week!
-Kiley H.


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