December 11, 2007

This is shaping up to be the best December ever! If, that is, your only criteria is snow. A nice fluffy base fell last week and just today we were blessed with a couple more inches. And it’s still light and fluffy!

Big news from the farm- the cows are back home! Our 2 Hereford cows spent the summer at Philip J’s farm and they stayed until the calves were weaned- very generous. One of the cows is bred again and we’ll expect a calf (or 2) after spring break. It’s nice to have “the Gould girls,” as the Johnston family calls them, back on the farm.

In other news, there are 8th graders on campus again! Goud’s 8th grade ski and snowboard program is geared toward competitive skiers and riders. They have a regular academic program during the bulk of the day, then they take advantage of some of Gould’s excellent on-snow coaching.

Two of the 8th graders are taking Spanish, but are between levels of high school Spanish. I’ve been working with them for a couple hours a week. Teaching a “class” of 2 is very different from a class of 12, but it’s still pretty fun!

On to younger students- Reiley is becoming a devoted student of language. He studies our faces when we’re talking and he tries to repeat sounds. Yesterday Pete hissed at the cat who was about to jump on the counter. Immediately after Reiley hissed too. So far Reiely doesn’t really speak English, but he speaks cat, sheep, horse, bird, dog, chicken, and pig. Some of his animal sounds are frighteningly accurate! It’s clear already that his brain is primed for language acquisition. If only we could hold onto that ability into adulthood…

Until next week, Gloggers,



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