Underexposed: The Women’s Skateboard Documentary

November 7, 2011

UNDEREXPOSED Teaser / Girls Combi Classic Recap from Amelia Brodka on Vimeo.

This teaser was filmed and edited by Brian Lynch.   This documentary will amaze people and maybe even change some notions about girls/women on boards.

The Combi Bowl is 11.5 feet deep with a 1.5 feet of vert.  This is one of the biggest events for girls and women who ride tranny.  From eight-year-olds to twenty-eight year-olds, the sisterhood of women’s skateboarding came out strong.  Street styliest, Amy Caron, laid down some runs while Vanessa Torres, Pat Ngoho, Sergi Ventura, Jim Gray, Kelly Bellmar, Lonnie Heramoto, and Malba looked on.  Shasha Steinhorst, Steve Caballero and Chrstian Hosoi judged and as always, Dave Duncan kept things rolling smooth on mike.  You had The Alliance, GRO, The Side Project, All Girls Skate Jam, and World Cup Skateboarding working with Steve and  Kristy Van Doren to make women’s skateboard history.  The banner is up.  The women got down.  See you next year.


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