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May 12, 2015

OVERHEARD AT FORMAL DINNER: “Jefe, you are full of sass today. The play must be soon.”

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I decided to give you all a Whole Bunch Of Words today. About me. I am a Gould Academy teacher, and that means my job is nearly impossible to define. I am a teacher, sure. But my job takes me in so many directions at the same time that I feel like a compass sitting on a magnet.

Whatever that means.

I thought I could spend the rest of this GLOG explaining the many things that I do (trip to Gaudreau’s repair shop for a broken car antenna for drama, anyone? How about the Summit Hotel for some extra sheets for costumes?). Instead I guess I will just show you, digital-photo style.

Here are a few things we do as Gould teachers. Note that there seem to be students in or around all these pictures. Funny that.

Alford advisory 2014

Job 1. Advisor. These are the Alford advisees from last year. We haven’t come up with a silly enough photo to use for this year, but we ARE having a sleepover (yes, Leela) this weekend. So we’ll see.


Job 2. Spring musical director. This is a rehearsal for GREASE this spring. I am pointing off stage, to where Paige should go. Mr. Penley is backing me up. Both literally and figuratively.


Job 3. Ski patroller (AND advisor). Meet Josh & Doug. They are ski patrollers and advisee/advisors. I set up face-down in the snow, and he pretends to save my life. I’m cold. He’s not.


Job 4. Weekend activity leader. I’m also a raft guide, and I like to take students rafting on the fast waters of northern Maine. Note-there don’t seem to be any students in my raft. Maybe that big bouncy wave back a few minutes…..naahh.

Jr pt

Job 5. Junior Point trip leader. This is the one that my parents and brother can’t fathom. 9 days in the Maine woods, in February, with no shower. Or bathroom. Or house. Notice that there aren’t any students in this shot either.  Hmm…did I leave them out on solo? Where DID I put those pesky Juniors?


Job 6. Classroom teacher. This is Spanish 2.  What a lucky group of kids. Clearly Ella is having the time of her life back there behind me.


I’m exhausted just thinking about this. Maybe I should go to bed. Or do I have dorm duty tonight?


p.s. I should credit the photographers that took the shots of Josh and me, and of our play rehearsal. Thank you Dirk and Edison!


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Enjoyed the post and seeing the many different things you do at Gould:). Should have gotten a photo of you at the blood drive yesterday!

  2. Brad Brad says:

    Bravo! Great job explaining all that we do…. no wonder we get tired from time to time.

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