Wednesday Whims is back

October 24, 2007

Hello again! Wednesday is back, and so am I with another round of Wednesday Whims. This past week has been a very fun one, for me at least. I came back from a nice, long weekend and home, and then left on Friday for Washington D.C. to go to my cousin’s wedding! It was so much fun! On Saturday, my other cousins, my brother and I walked around D.C. and went to places like the White House, the Washington Monument and the National Aquarium. I was a little let down my the size of the Aquarium that was representing the United States…but it was fun none the less! That night was the ceremony, and it was really incredible. It was held in an old museum in the heart of D.C. and the reception was in a place where Jim, my cousin’s new husband was the DJ. We stayed up late and all had a great time! However, the whole evening certainly did not go uninterrupted by constant Red Sox Game 6 updates! GO SOX!

Onto the whole sports thing, our soccer season is coming to an end. With about three weeks remaining, we have 2 regular season games left to play, then we enter the MAISAD championships. Hopefully we can pull through in our remaining games so that we can be ranked a little bit higher going into the championships. Our team goal is to win MAISAD’s this year. Most of the MAISAD teams are pretty equal in their ability, but for some reason we just haven’t been able to rise that little bit above the others. For the last three weeks though, we have all agreed to put all we have into the remainder of the season. We really, really want to win this. A big win is what the team needs to boost our spirits, and actually prove a point to ourselves that we are capable, we indeed are a good team and can win when we all come together, have lots of energy, and work hard and not give up for something we want.

As soccer, and the fall ends, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the leaves are being stripped off the branches as the wind sweeps through, and soon the snow will be here. Personally, I can’t wait! The winter is one of my favorite seasons! I love waking up on a winter morning for school, and seeing the snow fall over the still dusky sky. I even like how it gets dark earlier. It makes the dorm even cozier than it already is when the heat is turned on and we build fires in the lounge and drink our cocoa. I can’t wait! But until then, keep reading and I’ll be back next week!

-Kiley H. (I’m sorry about the lack of pictures, there were some technical difficulties…but they will be back!)


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