October 10, 2007

Well it’s Wednesday again at Gould, and the first trimester is already half way over! This year has gone by so quickly, I can’t even believe that our first break is coming up this weekend. The year has just flown by between school and soccer games and other great Gould activities. We played soccer against CVA last Saturday, and they were a great match. It was quite an exciting game to play, and I’m sure it was just as thrilling to watch. It was late in the evening, the sky was hazed over and the rain was falling. The score was tied at half time, and both teams went back out onto the field wanting the game to be theirs. Our energy level was sky high, and we were ready to be aggressive to get what we wanted. So was CVA. The rain, dusky light and intense attitudes of all the players on the field made for a rough, fast paced, nail-biter of a game. Unfortunately, came out with a loss, with the final score being 3-2. We have another game today against Kent’s Hill, and after Saturday, I think we have what it takes to come out on top.

Parent’s Weekend is coming up this weekend and I am so excited. We have a home game which means we will have lots and lots of support, one of the cheerleaders being my Dad! After parent’s weekend, which is a bunch of weekend activities around campus that incorporate the students and the parent’s, we have our first vacation long weekend! I think a nice break from school is what we all need, and we can come back refreshed and replenished.


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