5 Ways to Slay Snowball

December 4, 2015


5 ways to ensure that you have a good Snowball experience: (in my opinion)


  • 5. Take pictures!

Taking pictures is essential! Funny pictures, serious pictures, pictures with your Junior 4-point group, pictures with your advisory group, pictures with your best friends, and pictures with your date. People will be posting pictures on social media for days, even weeks, after the event. Take lots of them because they are always so fun to look back on.

Take Pictures


  • 4. Go to the reception before, and eat lots of sushi!

The reception before the meal takes place in Ordway Living Room. It consists of everyone eating appetizers, girls complimenting each others dresses, and of course, taking tons pictures. The food and drinks are always so good, with the best dish being the sushi, so everyone sign up to help make it!



  • 3. It doesn’t matter if you have a date or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell all you guys out there not to ask anyone, because it sure is fun to have someone to match with and to take pictures with. BUT, if you end up dateless, you should still go to Snowball! There will be plenty of other people in your position and everyone ends up dancing with everyone. Regardless of if you have a date or not, you are the key to your own fun!

No Date


  • 2. Dress for Success!

Girls, you will be twirling, shimmying, and grooving, so make sure you wear a dress that can accommodate these activities! Also, plan ahead. Know what you are going to do with your hair and make-up and give yourself enough time to do it! Last minute changes don’t always work out very well! And boys, I realize you will probably be too hot the whole time, and I am apologizing in advance for that, but please try to look your best. (The girls will appreciate it!)

Dress for Success



Incase whoever is reading this isn’t aware, this is a public service announcement to let you know that at Snowball, the music is swing music, and the dancing is swing dancing. So if you don’t know how to swing dance, which I’m sure post high-schoolers do not, GO TO DANCE LESSONS! They will be your best friend when you want to impress your friends! They are usually the week before the dance, in the evening, and dateless or not, I recommend that you go!!!

Dance lessons


And, finally, a song to get stuck in your head, one of my favorites, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Enjoy!


Have a good weekend,



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Thanks for the pics and music – hadn’t heard that song in a while! Have fun at Snowball:)

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