5 Things You Can Do To Save the Planet

April 26, 2012

On Earth Day at Gould, students and faculty are treated to a special program of workshops put on by students in Mr. Whittington’s Environmental Science class.

This year there was:

• a campus energy tour,

• a look at how global warming is affecting the ski industry,

• an exercise in swapping your hand cream for avocados,

• and a do-it-yourself natural tie-dying station!

An all school assembly and a viewing of the documentary “Bag It” began the day. The film talks about the impact plastic has on our environment, and the people and animals in it. It’s worth watching for yourself, but here are five things you can do to reduce your plastic use.

1. Give up bottled water

2. Always remember to bring reusable grocery bags

3. Stop using plastic produce bags

4. Use bar soap instead of body wash

5. Pack food in reusable containers

Spencer Couch ’12 said it best at the end of the day, “Small things make big changes.”

Check out the video recap below, and watch the trailer for “Bag It” below that. Happy Earth Day!


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