November 14, 2011

Yay, happy Exam Week! Well, I don’t really have anything exciting to say about exam week, but I wanted talk about something that takes up a large portion of my time (approximately 10 hours per week, to be specific)–skiing! Every day a small group of us Nordic skiers go out with our new coach Tim Whiton, and TRAIN. Training can be a rather ambiguous concept–so what exactly does it mean? For us, training is anything that will make us stronger and faster for racing in the winter. The goal is pretty straightforward, but in reality there is a lot of thinking and figuring (and even math) that goes into making a fast skier. It’s like one of those optimization problems in calculus, where you’re trying to get the maximum by adjusting multiple variables–WAIT!! MATH STOP TAKING OVER MY BRAIN!! See what exam week is doing to me?

Anyways, there are a lot of “variables” that you have to take into consideration in trying to become a successful skier. There’s the fitness, the endurance, the strength, the technique–these are all important aspects that go into improving results come winter. During 10 or so hours per week that we spend training we take into account all of these areas and try to improve on all of them.

Now, let me digress for a minute…

One of the perks of being a Glogger (besides the privilege of sharing our thoughts with the world) is that we get these nifty little cameras to document our lives with. I have found this especially useful, and though I haven’t taken mine swimming yet (don’t worry, Mr. Kimball) I do take it everywhere in case I might run into something amazing that I just have to catch on film. I have also found another use for it, which is very useful for ski training. Often our coaches like to take videos of us skiing in order to improve our technique. When we can see ourselves on film, we can better understand any problems we may have with our technique and how we can work to improve.

See the video below for a typical roller skiing scene at Nordic practice. Although this video was not originally intended for display on the world wide web, I think it gives an accurate depiction of what we do on a daily basis.

“I just got chased by a dog, so I’m a little tired.”

“Oh, I was wondering why you got up here so fast.”

“Yeah, I was sprinting.”

And, that’s all for this week. Happy exams, and then…Happy Vacation!!! It will come soon enough, not to worry.

Until then,






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  1. Avatar Shelby says:

    Chased by a dog = story of our lives. Glad to see you in one piece at the top 😛

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