It’s Glog time!

October 2, 2011

Hi everyone, and welcome to the 2011-2012 Glogging season! I am honored to finally be presenting you with the first Glog post of the year, and my first blog post EVER. If, like me, you are new to the Glog, I hope you enjoy this way of sharing the “Gould Experience” with us. And if you are a veteran reader, welcome back and I hope I can live up to the standards of the fabulous Gloggers of years past.

I’m going to introduce myself quickly. Hi, my name is Molly, I am a 4-year senior at Gould (wow, really?), I am a day student from Bethel, I love the outdoors, Nordic skiing, biology, music (especially the banjo), and some other things that I hope will come out in my future Glog posts. But now on to what’s happening…

I think the general consensus at Gould is “wow, time flies!” We have been at school for over a month already but that’s not what it feels like. This past week was pretty rainy, not exactly the pristine Bethel weather that you might expect this time of year. But for what I was doing on Sunday, the weather was perfectly appropriate.

Jackie getting her wrap on!

The final product…

Last year, I was part of a group of Gould students who became interested in Darfur after hearing El-Fadel Arbab speak about his experience surviving the genocide. This summer some friends and I decided that we wanted to become more active in helping the refugees and other people who have been affected by the crisis. We have been working hard to get the word out about this issue and on Sunday, I began a fundraiser: hair wrapping! Anyone with long-ish hair could choose from a huge selection of colors and get a very stylish hair wrap for$3, $5, or $7, depending on how many colors she (or he) wanted. The money from this is going to go to the Solar Cooker Project, which donates solar cookers to refugee camps and is immensely helpful to the women there. My hope is that this can be an ongoing project, and I even hope to get some associates in on it with me (I have been told that there is some other awesome hair wrapping talent at Gould!) I will keep you posted on how the project goes.

That’s about it for this week. Thanks for reading. See you next week!


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  1. Avatar El Jefe says:

    Great entry, Molly, and a great project! I have seen your handiwork around campus.

  2. Avatar Spidermom says:

    Well done, Molly. Congratulations on raising money for the Solar Cooker Project! Can you do hair wraps on short, gray hair??

    • Avatar Molly says:

      Hah. Funny, I have had several people with short, gray hair ask me if I can do hair wraps on them. Unfortunately, the answer is no for now, until I can come up with a creative solution. I would also love to find a way to do them on people with VERY minimal hair. Then people like my dad wouldn’t feel left out.

      • Avatar Kirk Siegel says:

        I resemble that comment, but have confidence in your creativity.. Hopefully you’ll come up with a solution before my hair is both minimal and gray.

        • Avatar Ed Siegel says:

          Well, Molly as your grandfather all i can offer you is a dome which I take care of with some brisk strokes in the morning when I take a shower. I am still learning at my ripe old age of eighty three this coming December. My major contribution to the world is helping people with problems of alcohol and other drugs. Also i am a Buddhist and Episcopalian. I just finished a week long retreat in Estes Park Colorado where Thich Nhat Hanh,a very Holy man originally from Vietman, was expelled from his native country because being of a different belief system. I have learned from Molly and Kirk to become a vegan. Molly has always been dedicated to learning, and participating in school projects. She excels in anything she becomes interested in like x/c skiing and school work.

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