February 4, 2011

From freshman to sophomore year in highschool, people change. From freshman to senior year in highschool, people really change (hopefully).

The thing I noticed that has changed the most about me since my first year at Gould is that my priorities have changed. You might call it “Senioritis”. Maybe some teachers and parents put a negative connotation on the word, but I’m here to make a case for this plight of seniors – it’s not all bad…maybe it’s not bad at all.

As a freshman, I worried about things that were going to happen. I even worried about things that didn’t end up happening at all – being late to an assembly, failing a test, dropping all of my dishes in the dining hall. These little fears I harbored kept me in line. But at times I was flat-out stressed. Now, it’s not that I totally don’t care about these things, they float around in the back of my mind somewhere…but I definitely do not worry about them.

Another example – as a freshman or a sophomore, I’d be worried that now I’m still in my pjs writing this and have not packed at all for my ski trip this weekend. Now I know that I will get it all done, maybe not entirely on time, but I will eventually get all of my stuff thrown into a bag and haul myself to assembly. This is the product of senioritis: I make my priorities. I can still be happy after feeling like I failed a test, I can be relaxed when busy. And that’s all anyone can do really – try their best and still keep their heads when it doesn’t all work out.

Freshmen, sometimes I see you around campus looking way more stressed than I felt this fall when I was applying to college. So, I wish you luck in your highschool endeavors, but I also wish you the ability to see to the other side of that big presentation, that important test, to where everything will be ok.


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