Paintings and Basketballs

February 25, 2011

Quote of the Day – “Because you are American, we thought you all played basketball.”

Today we were back on the bus and traveling north to visit a small farming village known for its kiwis and a resident painter.

We were greeted by Zhang Qingyi the local painter who took us for a tour of the small village of 700, showing us a more traditionally rural way of life than what we’ve seen in Beijing and Xi’an.

Here he shows Sawyer a more traditional way of grinding corn.

After walking around the farm a little, we ate a lunch consisting of different meats and vegetables. We were then treated to some performances that are only given during two particular festivals and when important people visit the village. Today we were VIPs.

First, the dragon boat navigated the waters of the small courtyard.

Then the dragon dance…

Of course it was then our turn. Matt was focused before taking the stage.

A good time with the dragon was had by all.

After the performance, we went upstairs to Mr. Zhang’s studio where we watched him paint. He has always loved painting ever since he was a little boy but wasn’t able to attend art school. Instead, he was sent to this particular farm during the Cultural Revolution.

During the revolution, he was able to learn from a painter also sent to the village as well as visitors from the Xi’an Art School. In time, he has become quite famous, winning national awards and acclaim. His artwork hangs in many homes around the world.

After many purchases and a wave goodbye to Mr. Zhang, it was back on the bus to head back to the Xi’an Foreign Language School.

We arrived just in time for a short rest followed by a basketball game – team Gould Four Point vs. the Xi’an Foreign Language School 11th grade team.

Max started us off with an impressive jump ball…

Bouji lined one up from just inside the arc…

Our fans provided solid moral support…

But, alas, we came up short of victory…(we’re in the black)

Regardless, it was a great day.

Students are now home for the weekend with their host families. Blog posts will slow until Monday, our last full day in Xi’an – our last full day in China. Hard to believe.


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  1. Avatar Lauren says:

    Great pics! Thank you! Looking forward to Tuesday and hearing all the stories!

  2. Avatar Kymberlie Gee says:

    Kyrstin, hope you really enjoy this weekend with your host family. Can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories you will have to tell us. Know you are having a great time by the look on your smiling face!

  3. Avatar Kristen Kimball says:

    I have been so enjoying following along on the blog – thank you all for contributing! It’s been wonderful. Tucker, I hope you bought us one of those paintings from Mr. Zhang!! 🙂 Glad you’re all having so much fun!

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