Exams and the Spoils of War

November 19, 2010

By noon, we will have thoroughly stomped exam week. Killed it good. I’ve even allowed an extra hour (official end time is 11:00 am), just in case one of those exams needs an extra kick. I wish everyone victory in their last exam tussle – remember, that glory we call ‘break’ is just a few hours away.

Having already tackled my last exam, I am physically and mentally removed from the battle site. I can look back and check off my various wins of the week: the first was shooting an early decision college application through cyber space and the last was remembering to return my library books. Although the week was successful, I’d actually rather not think about it, for what happens now is more exciting – vacation!

I wish everyone a fun break and a happy Thanksgiving. See you next week.

Alice H.


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