November 12, 2010

Have you ever sprinted down a hill as fast as you can…in the pitch dark? What a wild feeling. The only way to get down without injury is to totally relax, to trust your feet completely. And the best part – running in the dark makes you feel fast, like you could keep up with the wind, or Steve Prefontaine at least. Maybe it’s because you’ve let go.

Last Monday, this is what I did for Nordic ski training. When practice started, it was light out and the plan was to complete 10 half kilometer repeats. But with each repeat the sky got a little duskier, the ground a bit harder to see. By the time we had completed about 5, it was completely dark. At the beginning, I must admit that the inability to see flustered me. I learned quickly I wasn’t tripping because I couldn’t see, but because I was tense.

So relax. It’s more fun.



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