October 22, 2010

An Ode to Sleep-in Thursdays

Bleary-eyed, exhausted, you stagger and flail

Those dastardly teachers, they must want you to fail!

Just feel the weight of that bag, why, it’s absurd

The number of textbooks is simply unheard.

It’s getting late; you succumb to fate:

you’ll never finish your work at this rate.

Just when you think that you won’t sleep a wink

A thought comes to your mind.

“What day is it?”

“Wednesday” someone answers.

This news is of the kind

that makes your heart light,

suddenly the day is looking happy and bright.

“Wednesday?!” You repeat in joyous disbelief

Yes! The answer to all of your grief

For following Wednesday comes the best day of the school week:

Sleep-in Thursday.

No, it’s not a trick – the name is no lie,

Classes don’t start til 9:45!

It’s exactly what you need to make it out alive.

Oh, happy day

It certainly does pay

to attend a school where the staff meets once a week

while we get the glorious sleep that we seek.


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