When is a school not a school?

October 19, 2010

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: “Hey, Mr. Alford, if I change my Facebook language setting to Spanish, will whatever I type come out in Spanish?”

Greetings, Glog readers everywhere,

Parents’ Weekend has come and gone, and the school is pretty much empty.  I found myself wondering today, as I took advantage of a rare full weekday off, if anyone forgot and showed up for assembly this morning? Then I started thinking that this  would make a great Senior Superlative:  “Most likely to show up at assembly when school isn’t in session.” And then I started thinking of other silly Superlatives, like “Most likely to accidentally swear while standing in the dining hall right in front of a teacher,” or “Most likely to quote Caddyshack.”

Yeah, this is where my mind goes before I’ve had my 3 cups of espresso.

So what does Gould Academy look like when no one is here?

Like this:

No one on the way to assembly

And this:

No one studying

And these:

No one at work
No one tripping up the stairs at 8:00

THIS is when a school is not a school.  Have a nice break, see you in a couple of days…

I’m going over to Bingham to see if anyone has any announcements today.


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