The Center of Skateboarding

January 31, 2011

So, I flew out to So Cal for two days to see what folks are calling Am Tec.  It was an invite only bowl contest at the Combi-Bowl at the Block in Orange.  30 of the best 15 and under ams and 16 of the best 16 and over ams.

It was a scene, in the best sense of that word.  Christian Hasoi, Sergi Ventura, and Sasha Steinhorst judged with the voice of skateboarding, Dave Duncan, keeping everything rolling smoothly.  Big thanks go out to Kristy and Steve Van Doren for throwing another great pool party and Don and Danielle Bostick from World Cup Skateboarding.  The turn out included Jeff Ho and Skip Engblom with the newest version of the Zephur Team.  Mike McGill, Mickey Alba, Jim Gray, Lester Kasai, Pat Ngoho, Lizzy Armanto, Julie Lynn, Steve Reeves, and Amelia Brodka, among others.

The boys tore the place apart.  First and second place in both divisions nailed mandatory 540’s.  In the older division Marshell LaFrance rolled into the inside corner of the square bowl Ben Schroeder style.  Then, Raven Tershay ollied into the same corner.  Finally, Dalton Dern ollied into the flat bottom of the square bowl from the deck on his third try, leaving all amazed at their feel-no-pain game.  The Groms are growing up and always, things change.

I was talking with Dave Kindstrand of the Bible Bowl fame.  I swept my hand across Combi-Bowl, over Orange County and on through So Cal.  “This is the center of skateboarding,” I said.  “Right here.”

He shook his head, smiled and grabbed a skate out of someone’s hand.  “This,” he said, tapping the board with his hand, “Is the center of skateboarding.”


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