2016: My first top-10 list

January 5, 2016

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: “Wait, Mr Alford, do Jewish people also celebrate Christmas?”

No lie.

Happy New Year! We are back and at it at the Academy! The sun was up, the cold was out, and we were skiing today! And I punctuated pretty much everything I said today with an exclamation point!

It does make one (read: THIS one) wonder what an exclamation point would sound like if you could just say it by itself. I think of it as a bit like a “ping!” sound. A happy ping. And come to think of it, “Happy Ping” sounds like a good name for a Euro-pop band.

So today was Tuesday, and it was a BUSY Tuesday. So busy, in fact, that I never really wrote my Glog this year. I’m now feeling full-on Glog-shame, so I thought I’d better sit down and write something before

A-my computer died, or
2-I fell sound asleep on the couch.

So here goes: My first GLOG of 2016, and I’m calling it
“The Top Ten Reasons Why I didn’t Write My Glog Today.

  1. I went to breakfast this morning, and wound up wiping down all of the tables instead of writing.
  2. I had ski patrol, and by 10:15 my toes were so cold that I couldn’t type with them.
  3. I enjoyed my soft-shell tacos as lunch today so much, that I had a 3rd one instead of Glogging.
  4. I changed my clothes so many times today, from ski pants-to-tie-to casual clothes, that I forgot to do anything else.
  5. Mr. Ruby made me think of my New Year’s resolutions, and I thought about them instead of thinking about this Glog.
  6. My Spanish 2 classes both happened, and they took all of my attention for 2 hours.
  7. Will Cole, in Spanish 5 class, made fun of the Patriots. Instead of Glogging I made fun of the Bills.
  8. I took my daughter to her first orthodontist appointment and to make her feel better I took her out to dinner instead of writing. I took me out to dinner too.
  9. I had to watch videos of cats on treadmills when I got home, instead of writing my Glog.
  10. I left my Glog camera in my classroom, and couldn’t take any funny pictures to post here.

Whew! I actually made ten! Sorry so long this week without any photos, but I’ll leave you with a cute video of Yoda singing, compliments of YouTube.


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