2015-2016 GOULD On-Snow Awards

May 6, 2016


Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners! Even without much help from Mother Nature, there was tremendous growth among our On-snow athletes. In addition to acheiving stellar results, we saw a lot of athletes taking more ownership of their skiing/snowboarding and living the lifestyle required to be successful at these elite levels. Keep up the good work!


Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel ’16 Male Skier Of The Year

Lily Weafer

Lily Weafer ’19 Coaches Award

Steph Nicols

Steph Nicols ’18 Female Skier Of The Year

Ben Alford

Ben Alford ’18 Sportsmanship


Geo Menezes

Geo Menezes ’18 Coaches Awards

Molly Lento

Molly Lento ’19 Female Skier Of Yhe Year

Will Harvey

Will Harvey ’16 Male Skier Of The Year


Shannon Maguire

Shannon Maguire ’16 Rider Of The Year

Mike LaCroix

Mike LaCroix ’16 Coaches Award


Ali Parker

Ali Parker ’16 Female Skier Of The Year

Ryan Clermont

Ryan Clermont ’16 Male Skier Of The Year

Donovan Mckee

Donovan Mckee ’18 Coaches Award

Nicole Kutenplon

Nilcole Kutenplon ’18 Coaches Awards


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