2014 Les Relais!!

September 30, 2014

Group Ramps


We don’t get to visit our neighbors to the north regularly enough..  That’s why we start our season with a training trip to Acrobatix, which is a water-ramp facility at Les Relais located just north of Quebec city.  With an arsenal of trampolines and a massive jump site, they offer everything a freestyle team could need to knock off the cobwebs and train some new tricks for this upcoming season.


It’s a long walk to the top of the ramp, but it’s worth the ride down!


You may be nervous to try some tough tricks, but water hurts less than hard-pack…


Once you get comfortable with the ramp  you can add some style to your drop.


Send! Send! Send!


We were only in Canada for a couple of days, but we also made time to check out the old city of Quebec.  The architecture, the candy stores, horse-drawn carriages, people speaking french in their fancy clothes;  it’s an experience worth having!

Check out some of the ramp action below.

Another great trip in the books, now let’s start thinking snow!!


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