2014 Colorado Camp

December 16, 2014


Early season training at the best terrain parks in the world.  Adventuring the Colorado Rockies with your friends.  A chance to do and see things you’ve never before experienced.  We returned home from our trip one week ago and we’ve had a chance to reflect on how awesome Gould’s Colorado camp really was..


6 six skiers, 5 snowboarders and two coaches make for a lot of luggage when you’re on an 11 day ski trip.  A bus gives a ride to the airport.  You fly across the country.  You hop on a train to pick up your gear.  A shuttle brings you to the rental car agency.  You drive 2 hours into the mountains and end up at a house that you can call home for a while.


Once we arrive to the spot, we unpack the cars.  There is a brief scramble for preferred spaces to sleep,  and than explore the rest of the house.  Is there a hot tub, a pool table, does the internet work with 13 people in the house??  Time for a family meeting.

“So we made it guys!  This is how things are going to go..  This is our plan for tomorrow..  You may not realize this yet, but you’re all exhausted.  Go to bed and get some sleep!  We’ve only just begun…”

This is day 1.


Once settled in we find a comfortable routine.  Everyone wakes up, eats some breakfast, makes a lunch, pack the cars and head out for the day.  The toughest part of the day is deciding which location to hit up for the day..


Keystone is one of our options..  This time of year you can count on the best rail and jib features in the game.  Each day we watch them work on the jump line for Area 51 in hopes that we’ll get our shot at them before our trip is over..


Breckenridge is our other big contender.  Park lane always has the first jump line open in the country.  They are the perfect size for getting back into the swing of things, and just big enough to push yourself regardless of your level of expertise.  They also have a few rails to mess around with when your legs are beat from the day..


We can also ski at Arapahoe Basin as much as we’d like, so a group trip to A-Bay is on the agenda for some soul shredding!


We were lucky enough to have some great snow this year, which created an opportunity to check out Loveland Pass.  Build some jumps and ski the continental divide??  Yes Please!!


Sometimes you just need a break from the hill.  9 days of skiing without a break is a long time, so we try to take an afternoon to get out of dodge to rest up.  This year we had a few athletes that may be headed to Boulder for college next year, so we decided to head to Campus to see what it was like.  There was obviously a protest going on, so we had to check it out for a bit..


Before you know it, it’s 5:15am and you’re waking everyone up.  The dishwasher is full and running, the lights and thermostats are reset, the trashcans have been emptied and we’ve made sure that everyone’s gear is packed into the cars.  The sun is just rising and we’re on our way back to the airport.  It’s been a great adventure, but we’re ready to go home.

Stay tuned for more action from our trip..  The Bangers are still to come!!


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