20 something days

May 11, 2009

Hi all, and happy mothers day to all mothers,

Well, we are reaching that time of year again where everything starts to end, or begin. Its coming to the end of the school year and summer is on its way. Classes are wrapping up and review for finals is about to begin.  Just a few more weeks before graduation and the beginning of a new school year. Before we get there though we have to complete finals. 
In pottery we are working on our finals which is to set a table for two. This means that we should making a pouring vessel, and two vessels to drink out of, a serving dish or two and the eating dishes that go along with the serving pieces. Over the course of two weeks there will be over 400 finished pots produced. Here are a few pictures of the scene:
This is my finished pitcher, barely fits on my shelf its about 14” high, others who chose to do a tea set made a tea pot with tea bowls or mugs.

To the right is a full rack of pots waiting to go into the glaze kiln—>

Maggie hard at work on some final pieces to finish her table setting. As you can see the studio is very busy with fresh pots off the wheel as well as pots getting fired and waiting to be fired.
Enjoy these final few weeks, relax, enjoy the weather and talk to you all again next week,

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