2 Bluebirds Sitting on a Weekend…

January 30, 2012

Well…. Sorry this is wicked late! I’ve had a pretty long couple of days. 2 days, 2 ski races, one (Not seriously) injured sister and a pile of homework later and I’m at the end of the weekend. Again.

So, you may be thinking to yourself, “How do Bluebirds sit on a Weekend?” There, of course, is no such sitting implement named a weekend, but there were two absolute bluebird days this weekend. Bluebirds just happen to be birds, which need to sit so… Unfortunate title pun thing going on.

Anyways, the GACP girls had a strong outing, starting yesterday at Gunstock, NH. Cathryn Habermann-Fake, Margaret Cameron and Merritt Harlan grabbed spots in the top ten, while Kyrstin Gee took third, Sarah Morse took 2nd and Ella Dorval-Hall Snagged 1st in a downhill Ice skating rink.

Why an ice skating rink you ask? Well, they groomed the trail the night before, and it was sub freezing. It then rained. While the team was sleeping in abnormally comfortable beds in a Hotel, it poured. When we got to the mountain, there was a solid inch of ice on the race hill. If you started going down, you did not stop. At least, I didn’t! Anyways, the sky cleared up to reveal a beautiful blue sky, and let us all shred the course.

Day 2, we came back to the 207 (Maine) for a slalom race at Shawnee. It was slightly colder than at Gunstock (40 Farenheit to 25) but it was just as beautiful out. Again, We had a strong outing on the Girl’s side. Delaney Pals, Maddie Whittier and Cathryn made top 10 overall, While Sarah Morse got 3rd and Kyrstin Gee fought for first. An Absolutely amazing weekend for all of them!

As for the Guys,on Saturday Sawyer Harkins took 14th place, and I got 35th, yet another race outside of the top thirty. I’ve been digging for that all season. Today, Benji Page got sixth overall, and Shane Love earned a Bronze medal.


It looks like snow this week again, I’m still crossing my fingers!

Have a great week,



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