18 thoughts for 18 Miles

January 25, 2015

Last Saturday our entire team participated in the White Mountain Classic—more commonly known as the Jackson 30k in Jackson, NH about a hour drive form Bethel. For me this would be the longest that I had ever skied, and since we were entered in the touring class there was no pressure to go fast, and I skied with Steph, Lilo, and Livy.  It took us about 2 hours to ski 30k.

1). Thoughts for Each Mile Skied:

2). We left really early, 7:00.

3). The bibs were amazing, they were just stickers and they didn’t ride up!

4). I  put binder and about 5 layers of kick wax on, but my wax was pretty much gone by the end of the ski.

3). The start time was unclear.

4). The course went out across the road to the race loop and a bunch of other trails. We had to do two laps across the road before heading toward the finish.

5). After the first 5k, there was a food station. There was warm gatorade, it was gross.

6). The guy who won the race, with a time of 1:01:52, was sponsored by Rossignol.

7). Although we all were touring I heard a “yee-haw” and Fred passed us, skiing among the top racers.

8). We decided that if it was humanly possible that at the end of the race we would sprint.

9). We found Evan fashioning himself a new pole of a stick.

10). Steph, feeling great, dusted us going up to ski down the wave.

11). Toward the last  5k Livy collapsed and catapulted me toward a tree, I am fine.

12). The hill leading to the golf course where the finish was was really icy form everyone snow plowing.

13). I double-poled the last 400 meters.

15). We missed Fred’s 4k cool down, “oh no!”, sarcasm intended.

16). The lunch afterward was incredible.

17). The BOC masters mens team, Kirk Siegel, Brad Clarke, Ian Blair, and Chris Barstow, tied for third place.

18). There was great showing from Dirigo, Telstar, Gould, and many other BOC members.

Thanks to Wade for all of the pictures!

Th Bethel Outing Club at the Jackson 30k

Th Bethel Outing Club at the Jackson 30k

Evans Pole

Evan’s “pole”

The Start

The Start of the tour


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