May 19, 2015

It came to my attention that my glog, 47, had some issues being viewed so I updated some things and reposted it!

What do the numbers 18, 384, 749 and 1114 have in common?


Those are the number of days until graduation for Gould students. And it’s settling in for us seniors that in 3 weeks we’ll all start the next phase of our lives, independently. And, it’s been a hard year in so many different ways then in years past, and to think that the college decision process is actually over is relieving and crazy. You’ve probably heard it before, but freshmen year I was convinced I’d feel different when senior year came around, yet here I am and I certainly do not. My expectations for how this would all feel have turned out to be vastly different from the reality. What seemed like a major, daunting, decision is made so simple now and the thought that I’m ACTUALLY going to college in four months is exciting yet normal. Being able to answer the question ‘where are you going to college?’ was a very exciting milestone for me. I think I’m ready…

So I compiled a list of things to answer the question: what makes you feel like a senior?

– Going on college visits

– Applying to college

– Every once in a while having the striking realization that this is the last time you’ll do something

– Starting to research college more than do actual school work

– Scrolling through pages and pages of introductions on college Facebook pages to get a feel of your potential classmates

– The last day of each term

– Seeing your name on the flags along the second floor wall

– Senioritis

– Planning a senior prank

– Senior four point dinner – we all did some pretty awesome stuff

– Senior electives

– Admitted student days

– Ordering your college sweatshirt !!!

– Submitting your deposit

– Filling out the roommate match survey

– Doing your senior yearbook page

– The repeated reminders that spring term grades count – ugh!

– The exciting possibility of 90ing out of exams


In the meantime, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus on school work instead of spending time with friends making these last few weeks count.

Till next time,

– Melissa


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Yes, many different emotions this senior year – for parents too! So exciting to think of what all the seniors are moving on to, but sad to think that time together at Gould is coming to a close. Enjoy these next 18 (now 17) days!

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