Night Ski and Dinner

January 30, 2016

Last Wednesday we went over to Farmington to watch the middle school race, ski under the lights, and have team dinner at the Hornbachs. Skiing under the lights was a new experience for many of us on the team, making this trip extra special. Steph, Lilo, and I went exploring on some of the other trails that we had never been on before. We climbed and climbed until we popped out at the top of the alpine hill. They were having a race up there and we were able to watch it for a while before we headed back down to ski under the lights. Many of us had never been able to explore the trails at Titcomb before, so it was great to be able to ski somewhere new and under lights.

The sunset at Titcomb Wednesday

The sunset at Titcomb Wednesday

After our ski we headed to the Hornbach’s where we had dinner at Leela’s house. It was nice to hang out as a team in a way that didn’t revolve around training, but eating—a different kind of training.

This weekend some of us are headed to Lake Placid for the 3rd Eastern Cup. Hopefully I will find time to post about that and the Sassi that will be attended by the other half of our team this weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to find pictures from our ski and team dinner. However, I hope to have lots of photos with next week’s post.

See you next week!



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