12 Hours of Epicness!

September 24, 2012

Hi Everybody,

In case you haven’t been able to keep up with the mountain bike team, here’s your chance! I’m back for another year of Glogging, and I’m super excited to tell you guys what’s going on in my head in my senior year at Gould!

You all probably know by now that I’ve been mountain biking since freshman year. How the time flies, and we have a bigger team than ever! Thirty-two kids strong the last I checked, and we are absolutely having a blast. After the first race of the normal season, we took a hiatus and headed to a non-high-school league event, the 12 Hours of Bradbury!

We headed out on friday after class, as the event starts at 8:00 am on Saturday. When we got down there, we set up our tents and got ready to ride.

As you can see, we had a couple of bikes. All ready to race, the day before.

After we set up, we headed out for a test run. The course ran super fast, was fun and we were all stoked. Of course the sun had to set while we were having so much fun, so we rode back in the twilight. With no light. Let’s just say it was a little crazy, and call it good.

Next, we headed into Freeport for a little dinner and shopping. 15 pizzas, 7 liters of soda and lots of laughs later, we were full and ready to run around L.L. Bean for a while. So we did, bought some fun things, and headed back to base camp.

In case you didn’t know, the format of the race is: Do as many laps as you can in 12 hours, either solo or as a team. One person on the course at a time, and tag in when you want on the wet, slippery course due to the rain overnight. Game on.

We wished our first riders good luck as they headed off into the void, cheered them on at the start lap, And then we waited. And waited. Finally, people started making it back. First came Kyler, then Liam, then Brooks (who had taken a nasty digger and snapped his frame in half). Miracle he could ride that thing at all, and finally it was my turn to go, as Ward came through. I pedaled hard, and pedaled, and pedaled. I passed 7 people on my first lap, and only got passed by three expert leve riders. I was pretty stoked with my time of 55 minutes for the 7 mile lap. And thus the day continued.

After a lot of waiting, you would hop on your bike, then come back, eat, hang out, check on your team’s placement, then wait again.

At about 6:20, I headed out on the last lap for my team. With a 350 lumen headlamp strapped to my helmet, I pedaled on, and fell. A lot. As the sun fell, it began to get foggy, and seeing the ground was already hard enough. The course was slick all day due to rain the night before, and the fog made it even more slippery. It was like driving through heavy fog with high beams at times, you couldn’t see anything. At one point, I saw a light tumble a ways down a hill on the side. I stopped to make sure the rider was ok, and continued.

When I finished, I was ecstatic. I had run a one hour and five minute last lap as I secured my team a third place finish, the first place for a 4 man Gould team. We had a great time, and everyone did very well. We had several podiums, and had a great time doing it, lots of smiles and laughs. Hopefully I’ll be doing something like that again soon!

Until next week, I hope there are some good times in this week for all of you!



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  1. Avatar Hailey Sarausky says:

    Awesome Job John! Night riding is not easy…
    It’s great to see how many riders are on the mountain bike team, maybe they will take over Gould Academy 🙂

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