Prep Snowboarding

Ask any Prep Snowboarder why they chose to come to Gould and you’ll get the same answer: the combination of the college prep experience and the prep snowboarding experience.

Located just six miles from Sunday River Resort, riders on the Prep Snowboarding Team spend the majority of their winter months between their classrooms on campus, and at their mountain classroom at Sunday River, which also happens to be the second largest resort in New England.

With direct access to dedicated terrain for training and competitions, riders spend five days a week polishing their skills inside and out of the terrain park. Coaches help students work on tricks ranging from 50-50-ing their first box, up to 360’s and 540’s. The end goal is to foster a love for the sport which is accomplished by encouraging safety, fun, and learning first.

With a team of 20 student-athletes and 3 coaches, all with decades of experience, the Gould Academy Prep Snowboarding Team prepares student-athletes to compete in slopestyle events within the MAISAD League with events that take place at Sunday River and nearby mountains. Those riders that want to compete at a higher level may consider, the Gould Academy Competition Program.

Prep Snowboard Roster
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Prep Snowboarding Coaches

Brett Shifrin Brett Shifrin

Mathematics Department Co-Chair
B.S., B.S., Miami University
Certified Financial Education
Prep Snowboarding Coach
Road Cycling Coach
Director of Ninth Grade Program
Advising Team Leader


Mr. Shifrin teaches mathematics at Gould and lives on campus with his wife, Sara, their daughter, Mia ’19, and son, Eli ’23. As director of the Ninth Grade Program, he has created and implemented a program that enables each ninth-grade student to transition to Gould life and become a valued member of the community. Each student is recognized by students and faculty for who he or she is and who they want to become. As an experienced mathematics educator, Mr. Shifrin developed his own algebra utilizing an online content presenter, Heymath, to create a course of study that allows each student to learn at a pace and level that best suits their ability and need. He has also developed a course on financial literacy for seniors called Mathematics of Finance that integrates the principles of personal finance and mathematics to help students evaluate and make informed financial decisions. Mr. Shifrin has a great interest in the outdoors and utilizing experiential educational opportunities to help students understand how an individual can grow and impact a group. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Shifrin is passionate about soccer, holding a National B License from the United States Soccer Federation, which he used to coach at an elite level within the Olympic Development Program in Maine and New England.