Alumni Board of Directors

Front Row Left to Right: Ken Remsen ’67, Courtney Burnell Walsh ’89, Jimmy Catlin ’07, Meredith Gadd ’04, Rebecca Fraser Diaz ’98, Crissy Liscombe ’02, Ally Goddard ’02, Leo Menard ’03. Back Row: Sam Adams ’77, Anthony Hanson ’82, and Curtis Cole ’72

Gould Academy’s Alumni Board is made up of 17 members – alumni representing classes from 1967 through 2007. Our mission is to foster a lifelong relationship between Gould Academy and its alumni. We do this by hosting events both on and off campus, connecting alumni with each other as well as current students and faculty, and facilitating communications between Gould and its alumni. In the past year, we have expanded our social media presence to better keep alumni informed about what their peers are doing. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

We began helping alumni engage with current students and faculty by bringing them back to campus to share their professional experiences. This program is expanding as we continue to build our list of Gould graduates who are now valuable resources for new alumni regarding colleges, networking opportunities, or any common area of interest. We host networking events with each class during the academic year to help them get to know the Alumni Board and start building relationships.

In 2015, we instituted the Senior Class Gift Match: Each year, the senior class gives a gift to Gould, and we challenged the graduating class to get a gift of any size from every member of the class. If they achieved 100% participation, we’d add a participation bonus, and the seniors did not disappoint. Next time you are on campus, check out the new seating in front of Bingham auditorium.

We seek candidates for the Alumni Board each year, so if you are interested in learning about our work, please contact Anthony at 774-­249-­1542 or ahanson@air­

2016/2017 Alumni Board


Anthony Hanson ’82
Rowley, MA
Anthony completes his second term in 2018


Sam Adams ’77
Freeport, ME
Sam completes his first term in 2017


Erika Hoddinott ’02
Weymouth, MA
Erika completes her first term in 2017


Meredith Gadd ’04
Portsmouth, NH
Meredith completes her second term in 2017


Holly Bancroft Brown ’82
Paris Hill, ME
Holly completes her second term in 2016
Holly completes her first term on the Board of Trustees in 2017


Ken Remsen ’67
Bolton, VT
Ken completes his first term in 2017
Ken completes his first term on Board of Trustees in 2017

Mark Balcar ’99
Montreal, QC
Mark completes his second term in 2018

Jimmy Catlin ’07
Brunswick, ME
Jimmy will complete his first term in 2019

Curtis Cole ’72
Norway, ME
Curtis completes his first term in 2018

Idin Dalpour ’03
New York, NY
Idin will complete his first term in 2019

Zeke Davisson ’03
Charlotte, VT
Zeke completes his first term in 2017

Rebecca Fraser Diaz ’98
Bryant Pond, ME
Rebecca will complete her first term in 2019

Ally Goddard ’02
Tilton, NH
Ally completes her second term in 2018

Anthony Liberti ’03
Cambridge, MA
Anthony completes his first term in 2017

Chrissy Liscombe ’02
Columbus, OH
Chrissy completes her first term in 2017

Leo Menard ’03
Portland, ME
Leo completes his first term in 2017

Courtney Burnell Walsh ’89
Roslindale, MA
Courtney completes her first term in 2018