Reopening Fall 2020

Welcoming You Home

We know you all want to be back at Gould as soon as possible. The Gould Return to Campus Guide highlights the areas of school and campus life that we will focus on throughout the summer to prepare for everyone to return to school, to continue to learn, grow, prosper, and prepare yourselves for this dynamic world.

Every aspect of campus living—from academics, dining, residential life, athletics, and everything in between—is being re-evaluated so that we can reopen in as safe a manner as possible, following county, State, CDC, and Federal guidelines and meeting the needs of our entire community. 

Our number one priority, which will guide all of our decision-making during this transition and beyond, is to protect the health and wellness of our students, faculty, extended family members, and Bethel community. 

Our second priority will be to focus on providing continuity in a Gould education and on ensuring that the value of being part of the Gould community remains true to our core principles: The Individual Student; A Caring Community; High Standards; The Life of the Mind; The Whole Person; The Whole World.

We know that Gould as we have known it is not going to be the same. We aim to take this challenging situation and turn it into a positive opportunity. We may find that this challenge makes us better in ways we have not imagined before.

We know you have more questions. Please visit our FAQ page.

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