Sarah E. Kamilewicz

Science Teacher

B.AS., University of Minnesota Duluth


Sarah Kamilewicz’s desire to become a teacher and coach began during her quest to be a world-class athlete. With successes in both skiing and academics in high school, her teacher and coach encouraged her to follow her passion for biathlon. She was accepted into the Olympic Education Center at Northern Michigan University in Marquette and eventually made the World Junior Biathlon Team in 1999.

In order to take a shot at the next Olympics, she joined the Army National Guard, becoming a soldier in the National Guard and the regular army for eight years. She honorably served her country while competing as a member of the Army National Guard Biathlon Program. Traveling the world to compete, she enjoyed meeting athletes from Argentina, Chile, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, and Russia, allowing her to speak authoritatively about the joys of being a vital part of the world community. She went on to earn positions as a biathlete on the U.S. National Team, the World Championship Team, and was an alternate for the 2006 United States Olympic Team in Torino.

Once her husband, Ben, returned from Iraq, she finished a degree in applied science at the University of Minnesota in her hometown of Duluth and taught earth sciences and physics at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. After Oxford Hills, she became development coach at the Maine Winter Sports Center, working with Nordic skiers and biathletes from middle school, high school as well as postgraduates. She trained up-and-coming Nordic skiers in skiing and shooting and had the good fortune to see them excel to higher levels and to international competition. 

She and Ben have two French bulldogs. Winter is her absolute favorite time of year, especially with their son, Tim, learning to ski.