Levels of Campus Response

We know that the level of an outbreak can change quickly. Our primary objective is to be prepared to adapt as the situation warrants. Below is a basic outline of campus activity levels. We will continue to rely on medical experts and public health guidelines to monitor the situation and adjust. At any point during the year, we could move toward a less restrictive or more restrictive level. Careful monitoring and a commitment by all to follow the guidelines will help us trend toward the least restrictive level possible. 

Green (on-campus with standard guidelines)

  • An effective vaccine is readily available. 
  • Community spread is unlikely.
  • Physical distancing measures are removed.

Yellow (on campus with most programming and less strict guidelines)

  • Pandemic status continues to show a significant decline in the number of cases.
  • Widespread testing is available.
  • Agency guidelines permit schools to open with specific guidelines.
  • School is open with physical distancing measures in place.
    • Masks are worn in all indoor spaces with the exception of a student’s own room or a workspace where no one else is present.
    • Masks are worn in outdoor spaces where physical distance cannot be maintained.
    • If governing agencies allow for a more relaxed masking guideline we will evaluate the possibility of allowing no masks inside if stationary and physically distanced.
  • Programs are adjusted to meet guidelines as needed.
  • Non-essential visits to campus will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Orange (on campus activities with limited programming and strict guidelines)

  • Pandemic status has flattened and shows signs of declining cases.
  • Testing options are more readily available.
  • Medical facilities have the capacity for new patients.
  • Stay-at-home orders have been lifted.
  • Employees are permitted to return to work with daily screening and strict physical distancing guidelines in place.
  • School is open if agency guidelines allow. Daily screening for all and strict physical distancing guidelines are in place. 
    • We assume when we open in August we will be at this level and will operate with strict guidelines to help promote the healthiest campus possible in hopes of trending toward Yellow. 
    • Masks are worn in all indoor spaces with the exception of a student’s own room.
    • Masks are worn in outdoor spaces where physical distance cannot be maintained.
  • Programs adjusted to meet guidelines as needed
  • Visitation limited to essential visits only

Level Orange Updates and clarifications as of 9/13/20

  • When Cohorting ends, the three pillars must still be followed: Wear (a mask), Watch (your distance), Wash (your hands and avoid touching your face).
  • Daily screenings for both students and employees will continue.
  • Classes will meet in-person, unless a student is designated as remote that day for de-densification.
  • Masks may be removed outside except when walking in groups of two or more, or sitting closer than 6 feet apart. 
  • Afternoon athletics and co-curriculars will meet. Interscholastic competition is still pending.
    • Masks may be removed during periods of High Aerobic Activity but must be worn until the activity begins and put back on when it is done.
    • When recreating, maintain a minimum of 14 feet between persons at all times (Frisbee, cycling, lacrosse, etc.) unless in an organized practice and following ALL Maine CDC guidelines with coach supervision.   
  • Students are still not allowed to enter other students’ dorm rooms, non-resident buildings, floors or halls.
  • Two-way traffic will be reintroduced in the lobby of Ordway. People should avoid crossing the servery line and use upstairs restrooms if necessary.   
  • Supervised trips to outdoor venues are allowed (i.e.trails for biking, running, swimming, climbing, canoeing, academic research, etc. as long as COVID guidelines are met and there is minimal public interaction. Masks are required unless the activity is highly aerobic, in which case all Gould regulations and Maine CDC requirements must be followed at all times.
  • Vehicle usage: Masks are required at all times, and windows should be open. Students must be spaced as much as possible; multiple vehicles may be used if available to help provide distance.
  • Essential visitors are welcome on campus with pre-scheduled appointments and observing all Maine CDC travel rules and Gould Covid Visitor Guidelines. Visitors will be screened for covid symptoms and issued a badge on arrival. Spots are limited and will be prioritized to official school business. 

Red (no on-campus activities)

  • Pandemic status continues to be elevated.
  • Testing is not available or is very limited.
  • Stay-at-home orders are in place.
  • Remote learning continues for all.
  • Faculty and students operate from home.
  • Essential employees allowed on campus.