Covid Resources

A team of Gould administrators meets regularly to monitor this unfolding pandemic. Taking into consideration the information we have at this time—and acknowledging that this is a very fluid situation—we will continue to act with an abundance of caution and provide regular updates. Our students’ well-being remains at the center of every decision we make regarding how to best support our students during these challenging times.

Here are some Covid resources you might find helpful:

Coffee Chats

Parents are invited to join us for a weekly coffee chat. (Click the link to register.) Miss a recent chat? You can access the recordings in the Parent Download Folder

Update Letters to Gould Families

Here is an archive of update letters to Gould families since the start of the pandemic:

January 1
December 31
December 11
December 7
December 4
November 30
November 24
November 18
November 2
October 30
October 28

October 7
September 30
September 24
September 13
September 9 (Day Student Families)
September 1 (Returning Student Registration)
August 30 (New Student Registration)
August 27 (Student Leader Registration)
August 21 (Orientation Trip Information)
August 20 (Arrival Updates)
August 11 (Arrival Info)
August 4 (International Families)
July 13 (Reopening Plan)
July 1 (New Head of School Welcome)
June 24
June 5
May 18 (Reopening Task Force)
April 13
March 30
March 15
March 14
March 10

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?
  • Questions related to Academics should be directed to Brad Clarke, assistant head of school for Teaching & Learning.
  • Questions related to Admissions should be directed to Chris Sparks, assistant head of school for Institutional Advancement.
  • Questions related to Finances should be directed to Dave Willis, assistant head of school for Finances.
  • You can find additional contacts here.