The latest on COVID-19

A team of Gould administrators meets daily to monitor this unfolding coronavirus pandemic. Taking into consideration the information we have at this time—and acknowledging that this is a very fluid situation—we will continue to act with an abundance of caution and provide regular updates. Our students’ well-being remains at the center of every decision we make regarding how to best support our students during these challenging times.

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Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions about the school’s response to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic:

Has Gould had any cases of COVID-19?

There were a number of cases of influenza-B on campus this winter, but there have been no cases of Covid-19.

How will we pack up our dorm rooms or collect our belongings?

The end-of-year schedule of events as well as information on packing up dorm rooms, or having items shipped to you, can be found here:

Will Seniors still be able to graduate if they have graduation requirements still to meet this spring?

Yes, courses will still meet graduation requirements. Students must pass their required courses to qualify for a diploma.

Will classes be altered to accommodate the virtual platform?

Gould faculty will have one full week of professional development in online instruction to be ready for the beginning of the spring term on April 6. Gould’s expertise in blended learning will allow the school to make a strong adjustment to online teaching and learning. Depending on the class, content may be altered to best teach the skills and aptitudes essential to the class.

Will students be required to log in at specific times for their classes?

Gould will provide a blended approach to teaching and learning. We are aware instruction needs to accommodate a variety of time zones. Students will be able to access instruction on their own schedule and also take advantage of live online sessions and scheduled one-on-one meetings. 

What if I can’t access Canvas or Google Docs, or I don’t have high-speed internet?

Accommodations will be made for any students having difficulty accessing online materials. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have announced free or lower-cost service to students and their families. Check with the ISPs available in your area to see if you qualify.

What do I do if my laptop breaks or is damaged while I am away from campus?

Call 207-824-7999 or email The Technology Dept staff will ship you a replacement laptop. You will use the box the replacement was shipped in to return your broken laptop for repair. Make sure to install Google Drive File Stream on your laptop now to backup your local files to Drive.

Can students stay in the dorms if they can’t return home?

It is our plan to close the dorms on April 1. Given current travel restrictions, we encourage parents to make appropriate plans as soon as possible. As always, when a student leaves campus, parents must approve, in writing, another responsible adult willing to supervise them if the student is not returning home. If that supervision changes, you must update the school. Please contact the AOD (207-824-7700) if you have questions.

Will students be able to access their dorm rooms for books or supplies?

If students need something essential from their dorm rooms, they should contact the AOD (207-824-7700) to make arrangements. Students who have left campus will not be allowed back into their rooms to minimize exposure to others, but the AOD can make arrangements with the dorm heads to retrieve essential items from dorm rooms.

What is the plan for spring athletics?

The campus is closed until at least April 20, so spring athletics are suspended until that time. That decision will be reevaluated by April 13. 

Will the Field House be open for use?

The campus is closed to all visitors at this time. Additionally, the Field House is closed for all users.

What is happening with campus events this spring?

Revisit Day and Spring Family Weekend will be hosted virtually. All other events are canceled through April 20 and possibly later. Please check the website for the latest information.

Is there a health plan/protocol in place for re-entry into the school for staff/students?

This is an evolving situation. A plan will be shared once a date has been set for campus to reopen.

What steps is Gould taking in cleaning procedures?

While the campus is closed, the facilities team is taking this time for cleaning and maintenance. We thank them for their efforts to keep us healthy throughout the year.

Will remote learning affect an international student’s visa status?

We received the following from the Department of Homeland Security:

“SEVP is committed to remaining flexible in allowing schools to make temporary procedural adaptations so nonimmigrant students can continue to make normal forward progress in their program of study. They can temporarily engage in distance-learning, either from within the U.S. or outside the country, in light of COVID-19. SEVP will provide updated guidance as additional information concerning the scope and length of this situation becomes more clear.”

Families might also find this page helpful moving forward.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

  • Questions related to Academics should be directed to Brad Clarke, assistant head of school for Teaching & Learning.
  • Questions related to Admissions should be directed to Chris Sparks, assistant head of school for Institutional Advancement.
  • Questions related to Finances should be directed to Bill White, assistant head of school for Finances.
  • You can find additional contacts here.

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