The view from the first ever skateboard-only program at an independent boarding school.

The Maine SK8 Series 2013 at Oxford Hills Skatepark

Oxford Hills Skatepark is the first concrete skate park in Maine.  Designed by Wally Holladay and completed in 2006, the place is tight.  The coolest line is an ollie over the bank to curve with a three and half foot drop and a…More »

The Maine SK8 Series at the Portland Skatepark, May 8, 2013

The Portland, Maine skatepark is a great scene.  If you follow someone through then you hardly ever crash.  It got pretty crowded in the jams, but for the most part everyone got in their tricks.  Best trick was Eli Davis’ crooked grind down…More »

New Skate Team Video Update

Nick Beauregard never really stops.  Sometimes I think he edits in his sleep.  Here’s the newest footage from the team.  Enjoy.  

The Maine SK8 Series at the Anti-Gravity Center

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Carrabassett Valley, Maine It is always excellent to get back to Sugarloaf.  We’ve been doing jams at the Anti-Gravity Center for ten years now.  We’ve had bigger crowds, but we’ve never had skaters go any bigger than they did…More »

Old Town YMCA Maine SK8 Series Jam April 27, 2013

We drove up to Old Town on one of the totally amazing days where the sun and the light conspire to make the world an absolute dream.  We figured almost no one would be there because it was a day to skate outside. …More »