Ninth Grade Mentor Application

April 25, 2011

I am excited that you are interested in becoming a ninth grade mentor for the next school year.  It is a significant leadership opportunity with immeasurable rewards (and a good thing for the college application!).  How does one become a mentor?  Any student can apply to become a mentor, and he or she is chosen due to an ability to impact the Gould community in a positive manner and willingness to reach out to students. The next question is, “What does it really mean to be a mentor?” Your first responsibility happens during the summer. You will be matched with between one and three incoming ninth grade students to answer any last minute questions and let them know you will be waiting to meet them at school.  Your connection to these students begins their connection to the Gould community.

Beyond contacting students in the summer,  informal and formal mentor meetings will help determine the tone and needs of the ninth grade class.  Collaboratively, we will brainstorm and plan functions.   Most importantly, these functions are opportunities for the ninth grade students to interact with you and become engaged in a fun activity that takes them out of their daily routine. Your enthusiastic involvement will enhance these connections by bridging any gap between incoming students and returning students as well as modeling the value of a positive student faculty relationship.  Some functions that are already planned for next year are a ropes course at Camp Kawanhee, Freyburg Fair, and snow tubing at Black Mountain.

If this sounds appealing, there is one important thing that you need to do: Fill out the application on the back of this letter.  The application helps to confirm your desire to be a mentor and illustrates how you will be a positive addition to the program.  An application is in the library.   You can turn in the application to my mailbox in the faculty room.   Your application will be read by a small committee of current ninth grade mentors.  The application deadline is Thursday, May 5.  Our goal is to staff a diverse group of interests, ages, gender, and experiences.

I look forward to you completing this application and look forward to you becoming a valuable contributor to this program. Mentors will be notified of their acceptance by mid-May.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question,


Brett Shifrin

Ninth Grade Advisor

207 585 2041 (summer)

207 824 3173 (school)

Ninth Grade Mentor Application

Due to Mr. Shifrin by Thursday May 5, 2011

Name: ____________________ Date: ___________

Grade for 2010-2011: _________                       Advisor:_________________

Which faculty member can speak about your ability to be a mentor? ____________________

Contact Information

Most used email address: _____________________________________

cell phone number: ____________ summer phone number: _____________

summer address: __________________



Application Responses 

I encourage you to respond to these on another piece of paper. 

Why do you want to be a ninth grade mentor?

How has someone helped you grow as a person and how would you apply that to being a mentor?