Snowtubing for Ninth Graders on Tuesday February 5!!

The ninth grade class will be going snowtubing at Black Mountain of Maine on Tuesday February 5. We will leave from the bell tower at 5:30pm and return around 9:45pm. We will have a pizza feast at Black Mountain before tubing. All students…More »

Wonderful weekend began with Gingerbread Houses

Friday evening the students enjoyed decorating ginger bread houses in the dining hall. The students have a large selection of decorating materials to eat and use on their houses. It was a wonderful time.

4-pt- Are you a traveler or a tourist

Friday night at 6:30pm will be the first meeting for the 4 pt trip. Now that each student knows where he/she is going, it is time to talk about the expectations for the trip. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the…More »

Hotel Rwanda Movie Night- Thursday December 6

The ninth graders will be watching Hotel Rwanda tomorrow night in Holden lounge at 6:30pm. This movie will help set the tone for their human geography work this December. It should be finished around 8:30pm. Here is a quote from the movie, “There…More »

Exam Week Begins today

The first day of the trimester exams. Good luck to the ninth graders as they take dot 1 and dot 2 exams. I am confident you will perform well. Especially, since Marcello, the headmaster of the day, helped fuel you with donuts.

Ms. Shifrin and Ms. Manning share their experience from Tanzania

Ms. Shifrin and Ms. Manning had assembly this morning. Ms. Shifrin encouraged kids to “stay calm and carry on,” when faced with difficulties during this last week of the trimester. She related this to her experience which was shared with Ms. Manning from…More »

The perks of being a wallflower trailer

I am looking forward to seeing the movie when the students return and have read the book. Enjoy the trailer and the views of my city when I was the age of the students at Gould. The Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer

Book Club Books arrive today!

There are two book clubs on campus. One is for the men/boys and the other is for the women/girls at Gould. Both groups bring together readers and non-readers as well as adults and students to talk about books. Each group chooses a book…More »

Hunter Rocked the Show

If you can make it to campus to see the drama production this Saturday night at 7:30pm, it is well worth it according to Ms. Shifrin. She left with a big smile on her face and was impressed by the performance of the…More »

Images of study hall just after lunch

Jess came to my classroom to do some math. Afterwards, I sent her on an errand to capture what the rest of her study hall peers were doing in the library. Here is what she saw.