Mountain Day, Quanzhou Style

Quite a range of experiences today in Quanzhou.  We gathered in the morning and headed straight out from school for mountain day, Quanzhou style.  The mountain in question is Qingyuan Mountain, a peak near the city that is home to sites for several…More »

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Today was another full day.  We began with a class on Beijing Opera, complete with painting our own opera masks.  The modern interpretations of classic mask design got pretty interesting.  Then it was off to PE class and a lesson in kung fu….More »

Classes and Temples in Quanzhou

We all had a great Monday here in Quanzhou!! Students returned from weekends with their host families with lots of stories to tell. Most of the them were able to meet up on Saturday night for some karaoke. Some had the chance to…More »

Welcome to Quanzhou, Welcome to Our School!

Our first full day in Quanzhou has been a very full and welcoming one.  We began with a welcoming ceremony, where each of our students had to introduce themselves to 3000 new friends.  After a morning in school, it was off to the…More »

Farewell Beijing, Hello Quanzhou!

I just saw Ashley’s post, after posting mine own, so I guess you get double your pleasure today. With a late afternoon departure time, the Quanzhou group was able to spend the morning exploring the hutong near the hostel.  We sampled some local…More »